LipoLaser Device

  • LipoLaser Device
  • LipoLaser Device
LipoLaser DeviceLipoLaser Device

LipoLaser Device

  • LipoLaser
  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Body Slimming
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Lipo laser machine was designed to specifically address spot fat reduction and body contouring. It works much more effectively, safely and comfortable than the other machines in the market. Utilizing the power of 100mw the most suitable to physical fat reduction, the 650nm and 940nm diode laser deep blasts excess fat and melted. This technology is the new and popular high-tech for fat reduction and body slimming.


Wavelength 650nm 940nm
Laser type 650nm 940nm diode laser
Energy output 100mw--200mw per diode light
Number of diode laser on big pad 20 diode per big pad
Number of diode laser on small pad 4 diode per small pad
Paddle number 12 pads (8 big 4 small)
Language English, Spanish, French and other
Working mode Continuously or pulse
Weight 65 KG
Dimension 60*57*138cm
Voltage 110v / 220v


1).Diodes laser lampas are of the famous Japanese brand 'Mitsubishi', good quality.

2).Output power of each diodo 250mw.

3).Modularization design, Each pad has one unique power supply, more stable and easier ;to maintain.

4).Best Cooling system. Each pad has 5 built-in fan.

5).Dual wavelength 650nm&940nm.

6).12 probes(8Big+4Small), Each Big Probe---20 Lamps--10/650nm+10/940nm;

Each Small Probe---4Lamps--2/650nm+2/980nm

7).Multi color touch screen 8 inch

8).5 different languages: English,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian and French.